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Daryl Salvador Valle

About Work from home business and tech services.

Fast Track Technologies provides residential & small business I.T. support services, cloud and local network backup services, VPN setups, NAS and Server setups, encrypted communications, home network security practices, laptop, desktop, mac, and console repair and cleaning in Laredo, TX. Remote support and troubleshooting is also available.  Please give us a call and we will go over your options. Call for a free diagnostic or consultation.***

I enjoy building PC gaming and workstation “rigs”. I love to help people that are new to the hobby and lifestyle that having a gaming computer can bring. I also really enjoy improving the performance of people’s machines and helping them with some of these services that they feel they might not be able to do on their own.

Amongst our services we also provide webdesign, photography, videography, video editing, drone piloting.

I’m from Laredo and for Laredo. I’ve been working from home and providing professional tech and computer services from home since 2015 when I established my local business (DBA).

I like to buy peoples old parts, machines, barter and trade, so I can resell for cheap or even donate machines to those less fortunate. If you want to learn how to build or repair your own machine you can shadow me while I work on your system.

*** –  Equipment must me brought to my location.